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QR Code PCB Laser Marking Machine PCB-0707
Brand : PIL
Model : PCB-0707
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PCB inline QR code laser marking machines are mainly used for automatic engraving QR code on PCB surface (different model according to PCB's size ), available on white oil, green oil, black oil and other inks and copper surface . It can automatically engrave QR code of raw materials procurement, production process, batch, manufacturer, date , and destination for trace ability and management.

QR Code PCB Laser Marking Machine PCB-0707  sample :

1, Imported CO2 laser, fiber laser, green laser, UV laser, stability performance.

2, Imported high speed vibrating mirror, high processing precision and marking speed, stable performance.

3, Easy to use software interface , easy to learn.

4,Automatically obtain the work order, product batch number, material name encoding, specifications and other information and automatic marking.

5, Automatically read and save the QR code, record and alarm if not available.

6, Automatic feeding machines can be customized.

7,Environmental friendly, less consumables,less pollution, free maintenance compared to ordinary jet printing way.




Mid Panel PCB Automatic Inline QR Code Laser Engraving System



Laser type

UV lasers, green laser, fiber laser, CO2 laser optional

Marking range

100mm×100mm(standard lens);Max up to 200mm×200mm (depending on the type of laser, lens)

Marking speed

6000 mm/s (for example: white ink, size 3 × 3mm, contains 45-digit 2D bar code,complete in 1 second,the actual processing efficiency depends on the laser type and laser power)

Marking position accuracy

±0.08mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Applicable PCB size

Size is less than 650mm×650mm

Thickness 0.5mm-10mm (can be customized);


PCB rigid board white ink, green ink, blue ink and other inks; copper (depending on the type of laser)

Power demand

220V/50Hz,total power about 3000W

One-dimensional code

Code 39, Code 25, Code 93,  Code 128, EAN-13, EAN-8, ISBN,etc.

2D dimension code

Datamatrix, QR Code, micro QR Code, PDF417,  Code 49, Code 16K ,etc.

QR code size

1.5mm×1.5mm~10mm×10mm(depends on the laser type)

Character types

Supports TrueType fonts, single font (JSF), SHX font, bitmap fonts (DMF)

Minimum character height

0.1mm ~0.4mm(depending on the laser type)

File format

DXF, PLT, Excel, TXT file format

Automatic positioning

Supports automatic photo, 2, 3, 4 points localization way

Automatic read code

Read qr code automatically and save data, alarm if can't read

Intelligent production

Can be connected to ERP/MES/SAP system,  automatic access to the order number, product batch number, material code, commodity information etc. and code automatically


Automatically loading system can be customized


Automatically unloading system can be customized

Turnover device

Turnover device can be customized

Other automatic system

Other automatic system of connection to product line

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