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Zhengye technology and Shennan Circuit Company(SCC) reached a win-win strategic cooperation


▲ Zhengye Technology’s chairman Xu dihua (right) and Shennan Circuit chairman Yang zhicheng (left)

On June 19, 2019, in order to build long-term, stable and good relations of cooperation, achieve mutual support and common growth, cooperation, win-win concept of development, its technology and Shennan Circuit co., LTD. Signed a "strategic cooperation agreement", by its technology to provide Shennan Circuit PCB industry detection intelligent equipment, PCB high-end precision machining equipment and intelligent manufacturing overall solution;Meanwhile, based on the development of 5G new technology, both parties will carry out in-depth joint development of new products, new equipment and new process in the PCB field, so as to improve the leading position of both parties in the industry.

As a leading enterprise in PCB industry in China, Shennan Circuit has always focused on the field of electronic interconnection, committed to "creating world-class integrator of electronic circuit technology and solutions", and has three businesses of printed circuit board, packaging substrate and electronic assembly.

As the overall solution provider of intelligent testing and intelligent manufacturing, Zhengye technology mainly provides products and services of intelligent testing and intelligent manufacturing for PCB, lithium battery, LCD panel and other industries.According to the 17th (2017) top 100 list of China's electronic circuit industry jointly released by China electronic information industry association and China electronic circuit industry association in May 2018, 88 of China's top 100 PCB manufacturers has become Zhengye’s customers.

▲Star Products of Zhengye Technology

Zhengye technology and Shennan Circuit have established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship. This strategic cooperation is conducive to further deepening cooperation between the two sides, giving full play to their respective advantages, and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results through project or business cooperation.In order to meet the commercial requirements of 5G products, Zhengye technology will continue to strengthen the management of product research and development, constantly meet the increasing intelligent requirements of production and testing in the PCB industry, and provide strong support for the mass production of 5G products of PCB customers.

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